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How Can We Help?

Have a question or query about Swapped? Or maybe you're new and just want to learn some more? Look no further, we have written answers to our most popular questions. If your question is not listed below please contact us on

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  • Is the app avaliable in other countries?
    At the moment we are based and operating within the UK but we look forward to expanding into new countries in the near future :)
  • I have a question that hasn't been answered!
    No worries! Please contact us on and we aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours :)
  • How do I start my free-trial?
    If you haven't already been referred through a friend or through an influencer code you can head to the App or Google Play Store and search "Swapped App" to start your free-trial today :) Happy Swapping!
  • What types of clothes are uploaded to Swapped?
    Worn an item to an event or on a night out and no longer have any use for it? Swapped is the perfect platform for you as we focus on swapping preloved occasion items which have had minimal wear.
  • How long does the free trial on the platform last for?
    The Swapped free trial is 14 days long and then you can upgrade to one of our three subscriptions: 5 swaps - £4.99/month 10 swaps - £9.99/month 15 swaps - £14.99/month
  • How does swapping clothes help to save the planet?
    In the UK alone, we send over 300,000 tonnes of clothes to landfills each year which is almost the equivalent weight of the Empire State building! By swapping clothes it means that we can significantly reduce this number as clothes stay in circulation for longer and their lifetimes are extended. Swapped helps us to change our buying habits and look great without it being at the expense of the planet :)
  • What is Swapped?
    Swapped is a circular fashion app that allows users to swap their preloved occasion items by swiping left and right! Our mission is to drastically decrease the 92 million tonnes of clothes (one truck every second) that go to landfill each year by making swapping the new norm! We're helping you consume clothing in a more conscious way, save money and look great whilst doing so!
  • What makes you different from other apps?
    Swapped focuses on marrying affordability with circularity so instead of you constantly buying new items, we replace that with an affordable monthly subscription - starting from as little as £4.99 a month - and all you have to do is pay delivery! We also incorporate fun into the app through the swiping left and right element of all preloved items :)
  • How much is a subscription?
    After your free trial you can upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions: 5 swaps - £4.99/month 10 swaps - £9.99/month 15 swaps - £14.99/month
  • How do I package my item?
    Congratulations on making a swap! You can use a mailer bag and ship it off to your desired courier/post-office.
  • I've seen a swap I like - can I save it for later?
    Yes, you can do this by clicking the "heart" icon on the home page - don't wait too long though as another user may swap it! Happy Swapping :)
  • Why do I need to list the price of items?
    Listing the original price of the item that you are uploading allows both parties to decide what is a fair swap - ensuring that both items are of equal value.
  • Can I send bundles of items?
    This feature is not currently avaliable on the app. If you would like more swaps you can upgarde your plan in order to send and recieve more swaps. To upgrade your account follow the steps below: 1. Click on your profile 2. Click the Settings icon in the top right 3. Click Subscriptions 4. Select your desired subscription level
  • Do I have to pay for my swaps?
    No, we eliminate the need for you to consistently be buying individual items and replace that with a monthly subscription service + delivery costs for each swap. When you download Swapped you will have a free-trial of the app, make a match and pay delivery to receive your swap. You will then have the option to sign up to one of our subscription plans: - 5 swaps: £4.99/month - 10 swaps: £9.99/month - 15 swaps: £14.99/month To reiterate, there is no exchange of money on the app. You pay for a monthly subscription and cover your delivery fees.
  • Tutorial: How to use Swapped
  • A brand that I want to upload is not listed, what should I do?
    If the brand that you are listing is not appearing within our options you can type "other" and add if desired, add the brand name within the description.
  • How do I track my Swap?
    All Swappers are advised to use tracked shipping to swap their items so that they can be tracked along the way. To track your swap, ask your fellow Swapper for the tracking number if they haven't already provided it and put the 7/14 digit code into the relevant courier site. If you need further assistance with this please contact us on:
  • What is the delivery process?
    You can pay for delivery in the post-office or online. We strongly advise that all items are sent with tracked shipping so that both swappers can track their swap. Please provide your fellow swapper with their tracking code to notify them that their swap has been sent out :)
  • When will I recieve my Swap?
    We advise all Swappers to select second-class tracked shipping which will take 2-4 days to be delivered. Faster delivery times can be discussed between users in the chat and as long as all items are tracked and agreed on. If you need further assistance please contact us on:
  • Receiving a different item to what was advertised
    Please screenshot your conversation between yourself and the user in addition to photos of the garment. We will investigate further and aim to get back to you in 2 - 4 days. Please contact us on:
  • How do I cancel a swap?
    If you have made a match in the app, agreed to a Swap and now want to cancel you can cancel a swap by notifying another user in the app if the items haven't already been sent out. However once items have been sent out then all swaps are final.
  • My item was never delivered
    We encourage users to communicate between each other via the messaging tab to request additional information about swaps. Swapped advises Swappers to send all items with tracked shipping so this should also be tracked online. If the issue still hasn't been resolved please contact us on and we will assist you with your query.
  • Do you provide refunds/returns?
    Unfortunately not - before confirming your Swap with another user, our Disclaimer policy informs users that Swapped are not responsible for the quality or delivery of the item. We do not accept returns for any items, and encourage all Swappers to have an open dialogue with the person they Swap with.
  • I haven't received my item, what should I do?
    If you’ve got your tracking number to hand, then we can track the item. If your item has been sent via Royal Mail, you will be able to input the tracking number here and find the item. If it has been more than 7 - 14 days since swapping an item with another user, please follow up with the user directly before getting in touch on
  • Upgrading my account
    To upgrade your account follow the steps below: 1. Click on your profile 2. Click the Settings icon in the top right 3. Click Subscriptions 4. Select your desired subscription level
  • My free-trials ended, what's next?
    After your free-trial has ended you can start your monthly subscription with one of the following plans: - 5 swaps: £4.99/month - 10 swaps: £9.99/month - 15 swaps: £14.99/month Here are the steps: 1. Click on your profile 2. Click the Settings icon in the top right 3. Click Subscriptions 4. Select your desired subscription level
  • Downgrading my account
    To downgrade your account follow the steps below: 1. Click on your profile 2. Click the Settings icon in the top right 3. Click Subscriptions 4. Select your desired subscription level
  • Cancelling my subscription
    We're sad to see you go but all subscription plans can be cancelled at any time, here are the steps: 1. Click on your profile 2. Click the Settings icon in the top right 3. Click Subscriptions 4. Select 'Cancel Subscription'
  • What if I don’t swap all my items within the month?
    At the start of each month, your number of swaps will be refreshed so we advise that you use as many as possible within the month to get the best out of the app.
  • I've seen an item I really like, can I reach out to the user?
    Of course! Here are the steps: 1. Click the Heart icon above the swap 2. Select an item of yours that you would like to swap - this is called a request swap 3. The other user can then accept the match or have a look at the rest of your items Happy Swapping :)
  • How many items can I upload to my profile?
    You can upload as many items as you want to your profile, the more items you upload the higher the chance is that you will swap with another person :)
  • How do I decide how much my piece of clothing is worth?
    When listing an item you will be prompted to put the original price of the item which will allow yourself and others to create value for value matches :)
  • How do I get my items to be seen more?
    We have two suggestions: The more items that you upload onto your account, the more likely your items will be discovered by other users. If you have seen other items that you like, you can send the other user request swap by clicking the "heart" icon and then suggesting an item of your own that you think would be a great match - this way the user will check out your page and you are more likely to make a match :)
  • If I’m in between sizes, can I choose multiple sizes?
    Yes, you can choose multiple clothing sizes :)
  • How do your influencer collaborations work?
    If you are interested in collaborating with Swapped please email us your media kit at
  • What shall I do if I have recieved an inappropriate message?
    If you have received an inappropriate message or you believe that another user has violated our Community Guidelines please contact us on with: - The Subject: Swapped Reports - Message: Stating what has happened and an attachment
  • I'm loving the app - how can I give my friends a free trial?
    We're so happy to hear! You can refer friends with your referral code which can be found in the settings tab :)
  • How do you keep users safe on the app?
    The safety of our Swappers is central at Swapped and we advise our users to not: Have conversations/ meet up outside of the app to exchange swaps as we cannot guarantee your safety. Disclose any personal information such as bank details, telephone numbers or full names when conversing with other users. Reply to spam mail or text messages regarding your Swapped account. Check other users reviews on their profile
  • What are reviews?
    Reviews are feedback that users can leave for other members after they have swapped their items with one and other. This helps users to build credibility and to show other users what they can expect :)
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